Wednesday Cosplay – Get Hyped for SDCC!

Ladies and Gentlemen, nerds and geeks, comic collectors and cosplayers, gamers and artists…

This is the week we wait for EVERY year. The throngs of the nerd populous shall descend upon San Diego in a glorious wave, celebrating all that is awesome about our culture. That’s right, San Diego Comic-Con starts tomorrow.

San Diego Comic-Con is known for it’s bounty of cosplayers and costumed superfans. As one of, if not the largest, public nerd culture conventions in North America – you can guess that some of the cosplay is quite stunning…. and some of it’s just plain sad. Either way, it’s entertaining to see and here is a great gallery featuring some of the memorable (for better or worse) from SDCC 2012.

The biggest cosplay event of all will be the SDCC Masquerade on Saturday, an evening for all of the cosplayers and costumed nerds to come together and party it up.

So, even though I’m not doing a special feature, keep an eye on my Twitter feed- I plan on retweeting and favoriting the best cosplays to come out of SDCC. Someday, I’ll be there to take the pictures in person!

– E.B.



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