Featured Art(ist) – Nicholas Rix

This week’s featured art(ist) is Nicholas Rix.

Nicholas Rix is a South African artist who was recently featured as one of RedBubble‘s indie artists worth knowing. His online portfolio is small, but I really love the smooth aesthetic to his work. The flat texture and bright colors give everything a cartoon-like quality that pops on the page.

The overall smoothness of the designs/illustrations make me think of paper art and other types of design. What I love best is that Rix has elegantly figured out a way to illustrate comic like material without using bold line art, in fact, the outlines are almost non-existent. Instead, the colors just seem to stop and start in their proper shapes, which is a fun way to create art, similar in the way that the famous show Samurai Jack was animated.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on Rix, I’d like to order one of these prints in the future.

– E.B.


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