Wednesday Cosplay – Oerba Yun Fang

This week’s cosplay features Jorlene as Oerba Yun Fang.

Despite the fact that the thirteenth installment in the Final Fantasy franchise suffered from a lackluster story and tedious gameplay (if it doesn’t get fun until the 40th hour of playtime… something is wrong) the game DID feature some gorgeous character design. There have been many beautiful FFXIII cosplays floating around on the internet, but very rarely I have seen a Fang cosplay done so well. Fang is tricky to pull off because you need a certain type of physique and her outfit looks deceivingly basic but actually requires a fine eye for detail.

Jorlene (aka blacklashjo) paid attention to all of the proper touches to make her Fang cosplay pop. The embroidery on sari, the tribal designs and handle of her bladed lance and the various tribal accessories all match the game design with impressive accuracy. This cosplay, while it may seem simple at first, was clearly a labor of love.

While the franchise seems to have lost its steam, it’s encouraging to see that Final Fantasy fans still take their passion so seriously.

– E.B.


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