Featured Art(ist) – Ben Lo

This week’s featured artist is Ben Lo.

Ben Lo is a Canadian artist who has worked on major blockbuster game titles like BioShock Infinite and is currently employed as a concept artist at BioWare Montreal (and working on the new Mass Effect!) Above, you can see a stunning environmental concept design for Infinite, and I remember this gameplay moment distinctly. The fire in contrast to the dark night and the woman’s silhouetted against the flames was an in-game image that stuck with me, so it was cool to see that Lo was responsible for that moment. Lo also has an extensive gallery of personal works (like the piece below) along with his impressive professional gallery.

One of the things I find most impressive about Lo is his ability to illustrate gorgeous environments as well as the human figure. Any person who’s taken a drawing class could tell you both require a surprisingly different skill set and a different way of “seeing” as you draw. Lo’s work has a movement and life to it that is definitely a mark of mastery on both counts.

I am extremely excited to see what he creates for the new Mass Effect game!

– E.B.


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