Pokémon Fangames – Better than the Real Thing?

Inspired by the coverage the real time battle game Pokémon Generations received on Pxlbyte, I started conducting a little research of my own on this fandom rampant with fan-made video games.

The first Pokémon games were released in 1996, and ever since this franchise has inspired gamer both young and old to innovate new ways to catch them all. Here are some of the most interesting fangames floating around on the Internet:

Pokémon Generations: This 3D, free roaming world looks most akin to the Pokémon world depicted in the television series.

Pokémon Fusion Generation: This retro styled RPG version of Pokémon takes breeding and “fusion” to a whole new level, allowing you to create some awesome and hilarious new Pokemon species.

Pokémon Tower Defense: This game re-imagines Pokémon battles in a tower defense style, placing different Pokemon along a designated path and protecting an end goal. You can catch Pokémon that appear and add them to your arsenal.

Pokémon 3D: If Minecraft and Pokémon Red or Blue had a love child, it would look an AWFUL lot like Pokémon 3D. With an interesting first person perspective, this is a new immersive take on Pokémon.

These games re-envision how Pokémon should exist in the gaming universe, there are also a number of fan-made games that expand on the more traditional gameplay style. The “complete” list can be found here. Maybe these games will help satisfy those Pokécravings while you wait for Pokémon X & Y to release this fall!

– E.B.


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