Webcomic Wednesday – 2Gamerz

This week’s featured comic is 2Gamerz by Mezzan.

What’s the Deal?: Common sense says that all big red buttons should be suspect and remain unpressed until further investigation. No one seems to have stressed that point to Gai, Ien, Moz and Ted however, when the boys push a big red button and find themselves immersed in “the greatest game ever.” Now, with only their wits and creativity at their disposal, they are going to have to play a game to save their lives. Due to the nature of the game, anything they imagine can be created real, so the comic is riddled with wonderful fandom references and appearances.

The Characters: These four otaku boys are pretty endearing, but they follow many of the classic manga tropes. You have the smart, lanky, glasses wearing tactician, the rambunctious, chibi goofball, the adorable and innocent sweetheart and the apathetic, hat wearing punk. Still, manga has never been known to break out of the mold, so it fits the story telling style.

The Art: 2Gamerz is drawn in a traditional serialized manga style, except it reads in a more Western-friendly left to right pattern. The art is very good and as a fan of Japanese manga and animation this certainly seems on par with a lot of professional works I’ve seen.

Safe for Work?: I’d give it a PG to PG-13 rating. It is very clean and the violence is highly stylized.

Frequency of Updates: Technically on Sundays, but it has been on hiatus since December.

– E.B.


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