Wednesday Webcomic – xkcd

This week’s featured webcomic is the famous xkcd by Randall Munroe.

What’s the Deal?: This webcomic is a classic strip in many senses, where the artist observes the world in panels towards different ends. Some may have a story, others a romantic arc, while some might be a single panel of hilarity. xkcd is probably one of the most prolific webcomics on the internet, primarily because it so artfully marries humor, math and nerd references into one coherent strip.

The Characters: There are no reoccurring characters, mostly due to the lack of distinction possible with stick figures.

The Art:  Preeeeeeeetttty basic. It’s usually black and white, with stick figures and fairly rudimentary set pieces. While the art is simplistic at best, it has a charm in it’s understated nature.

Safe for Work?: For the most part.

Frequency of Updates:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, “without fail.”

– E.B.


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