Featured Art(ist) – Mary “Smile”

This week’s featured art(ist) is Mary “Smile” aka Smilika.

Mary is a gifted fan artist, particularly drawing from the BioWare game franchises for inspiration. Her work consists of digital painting/airbrushing portraits and scenarios, and I have a hard time believing Mary is not a professional. The quality of the texture, light and human form/anatomy all speak of a keen artistic eye and strong sense of composition.

I think the chemistry between individuals in her paintings is a highlight of her work. I always feel as though I am mid-story when I look at a piece and I enjoy thinking through what happened in the moments before and after the image. The people always seem to be mid-action, mid-conversation and it creates very dynamic visuals.

I highly recommend looking through her DeviantArt gallery – there’s a fabulous array of art to enjoy!

– E.B.



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