Valve Annoucements… Half Life-3 Imminent ?

In a few brief hours, Valve will be releasing the first of three announcements to take place over the course of this week.

Last week, Valve launched this teaser site with a the promise of three major announcements to come. Each announcement is indicated on the site with a symbol:

It is highly likely that Valve will be announcing their famed “Steam Box,” the company’s new living room solution for gamers. If this is the case, then this Christmas season could see the release of three new consoles!

On the teaser site, Valve mentions Steam Big Picture, their new redesigned interface that promises a more living room friendly interaction.
Some gamers believe one of these announcements will be Half Life-3’s confirmation. There is some plausible evidence for this, since Valve’s new Source 2 engine has been confirmed. Half-Life games have always come in lieu of a Source update so there is a likely chance that with the new engine, we might see a new Gordon Freeman installment.

If the Steam Box is indeed confirmed (I’m willing to bet money that it will be) then they will be looking for a killer app… I can’t think of anything more desired by Valve fans than Half- Life 3.

(In light of the two announcements, Half Life 3 seems even more plausible, in my opinion.)

Seriously, if this game is announced, people will be frothing at the mouth with excitement.

I guess we’ll find out this week!

– E.B.

Update: The first announcement was the confirmation of a Steam Operating System, which will be able to stream games on a television through a LAN connection.

The second announcement revealed the release of the Steam Machines product line. These entertainment consoles are still under development, but you can apply to be a member of an exclusive 300 participant beta testing here.

The third announcement was for Valve’s new gamepad controller – check the slick specs here.


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