Wednesday Webcomic – Doodling in Class

This week’s featured webcomic is Doodling in Class by Mary Harner.

What’s the Deal?: Mary Harner, an aspiring writer and artist, created an experimental blog that slowly morphed into a webcomic. Inspired by a week of attempting to make a post a day, she found creative fuel for content in the margins of her notebooks where she had doodled. Soon those doodles morphed into full comics, which grew into a collection worth reading.

The Characters: Because these are non-sequential doodles, there are not reoccurring characters. However, the best thematic comics in her collection is the ‘As Told By’ series where she explains plots of popular television shows and games having never seen an episode. Above is an example.

The Art: If these are her doodles, I’m pressed. These are some high quality doodles y’all.

Safe for Work?: Yes.

Frequency of Updates:  Various times throughout the week.

– E.B.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Webcomic – Doodling in Class

  1. These are indeed her doodles; she doodled most of her Christmas and Birthday cards in undergrad. 🙂 I still have the index card with a Chibi Chinchilla in a Santa Hat somewhere…

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