Wednesday Cosplay – XCOM Squaddie

This week’s featured cosplay is a XCOM squad mate cosplay by Cobheran.

Cobheran’s squad member cosplay is simple, but well crafted. For those that have yet to experience the joy of the video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the game asks the player to command groups of military spec ops in anti-alien invasion battles. Many of your “squaddies” will die, but you can always recruit more… this is a classic squaddie getup.

The chest armor-plate, knee guards and beret are spot on to the game renderings. In many XCOM cosplays, the exterior armor plating/padding is not well fitted or detailed, but Cobheran’s is clearly intentionally designed. The paint colors on the weapons seem very bright, but overall they are constructed and detailed well. Cobheran keeps his in-progress cosplays updated on his Facebook, so if you are interested in watching his weapon and outfit making processes, go here.

– E.B.


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