Wednesday Webcomic – The Order of the Stick

This week’s featured webcomic is The Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew.

What’s the Deal?: If you have ever played Dungeons and Dragons, or if you are currently playing, this webcomic is guaranteed to make you laugh and possibly cry. The puns, rule jokes, running gags, and character development are a joy to behold and explain why this comic has such a faithful following.

The Characters: The featured rag-tag group of adventurers are super endearing. The beauty of this comic is that the reader finds themselves attached to the party as a complete whole, which encapsulates the point of Dungeons and Dragons in many ways.

The Art: The art consists of mostly stick figures, but the backgrounds and set pieces get more complicated as you progress through the archives. 

Safe for Work?: Yes.

Frequency of Updates:  Due to its creator’s unreliable health, it updates sporadically.

– E.B.


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