Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 2: Pokémon!

This week’s holiday shopping guide: Pokémon

Pokémon, a franchise that began in 1998, has withstood the test of time and age as fans of all ages continue to buy the cards, watch the shows and play the games. Here is a list of gift ideas ranging from new fans to old so you can find something for every Pokénut in your life.

Video game: Pokémon X/Y

Buy it on: Amazon

Apparel: Eevee’s Original Forms

Buy it on: Redbubble

Accessories: Original Starters Phone Case

Buy it on: Etsy

Cosplay Swag: Custom Pokéball

Order from: Pallet Town Exports (PTX)

Jewelry: Charmander Earrings

Buy it on: Etsy

Cuddle Buddy: Pokémon Plushies

Buy it on: Etsy (Shop owner takes custom orders!)

Happy shopping!

– E.B.


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