Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 3: LEGO for Everyone

This week’s holiday shopping guide: LEGO Products

This week’s holiday gift guide does not follow a theme so much as feature a particular product I love: LEGO sets. After attending a grand opening at a new LEGO store this weekend, I have been inspired in the ways of the brick builder. Here are some fabulous sets with commentary for your purchasing consideration.

Ewok Village – This set is just plain glorious. It’s the number one LEGO set on my personal wish list because of it’s creative build and comprehensive mini-figure set. A set that gives you Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, CP3-O and R2D2 is incredible. It is also a massive set (it covers half a coffee table) which will challenge older builders and thrill youngsters with extended hours of building and play.

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The Lion CHI Temple – This set from the popular Chima LEGO product line offers some interesting value to both old and new LEGO fans alike. The set comes with some exceptionally useful pieces, including a bunch of clear blue water bricks (hard to find). The set is also quite large and comes with a couple of cool vehicle designs and mini-figure accessories.

LEGO Master Builder Academy Invention Designer – This is a fabulous set for older LEGO fans in particular. The set focuses on teaching brick builders about elegant design techniques and this specific set has a steampunk-inspired theme! The price per brick is a tad high, however this set inspires a new kind of creative play.

An Unexpected Gathering – This smaller set features a slew of wonderful pieces, including a hammer weapon and the newer scored brick blocks that more recently introduced into the LEGO product line. The set is well made and will be sure to thrill Tolkien fans and little Hobbit lovers. Plus you get a motley crew of dwarves!

Minecraft LEGO series – This series (there are currently three variations) is the perfect way to get your Minecraft addicted child (or significant other) playing in real world as opposed to the virtual. This Minecraft set easy attaches to other Minecraft mirco world sets, which allows the builder to construct larger worlds and regions just like the video game.

Kingdoms Joust – This medieval set has series nostalgia factor for those of us who grew up in the 1990’s when Kingdoms/Castle was HUGE. It also has a nice educational and historical quality to it (glass stained windows, Tudor-like architecture) for people who want learning friendly play. This set comes is also quite large, providing opportunities for creative play and large scale kingdom creation.

The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape – I bought this set earlier this fall and it is easily in my top ten LEGO sets ever. Each section of the funhouse has a dynamic function and the roller coaster is particularly enjoyable. Also, the set is almost worth purchasing for the iconic Joker and Harley Quinn mini-figure designs alone.

Tower Bridge – This LEGO set comes from the unofficial Landmark series. With sets like the Sydney Opera House, The Palace Theater, etc. these sets challenge considerably older builders with their depth, magnitude and complexity. The Tower Bridge is my personal favorite, but that is simply because I am an unabashed anglophile.

Happy shopping!

– E.B.


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