Webcomic Wednesday – Irregular Webcomic!

This week’s featured webcomic is Irregular Webcomic! by David Morgan-Mar.

What’s the Deal?:  Once upon a time, there was a bored GM (Game Master) with a camera. Looking over at his set of role playing miniatures, he realized they were a webcomic waiting to happen. Thus, Irregular Webcomic! was born, embracing the idea of meta-humor and toy life. If you play any kind of role playing game, or if you had a rich imagination while playing pretend as a child – you will resonate with this webcomic. Morgan-Mar has also gone back through his archive and made commentary on his strips, which adds to the fun in my opinion.

The Characters: Personally, the GM (creator) appearances are my personal favorite. With smart facial expression choices and the occasional snarky comment, Morgan-Mar’s part in the webcomic creates much of the humor.

The Art: I like the photoset idea for webcomics and I think Morgan-Mar does a great job with this. He gets creative angles and close-ups to add both variety and an element of storytelling to the webcomic. 

Safe for Work?: Yes.

Frequency of Updates: Despite it’s self branding as “irregular” this webcomic tends to update daily.

– E.B.


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