Book Review: Pokémon Visual Companion

This week’s book review is the Pokemon Visual Companion by Brady Games.

Quick plot synopsis: This recent edition of the Pokémon Visual Companion is the follow up to the Pokémon Visual Guide that was published in 2008. The guide focuses primarily on the animated series, but they feature a slew of interesting tidbits about the Pokémon universe and characters. This reference book has been updated to include every region through the Unova canon on the television series. Events, characters, Pokémon and the world history is all laid out in chronological order.

My thoughts: As someone who has deeply loved the Pokémon series since it first aired stateside in 1998, this book was a genuine joy to read through. The layout is well crafted, with the book divided into the seven different regions within the Pokémon universe (Kalos not included) in the order they were introduced on the the television series. The book goes into succinct but detailed explanations of character developments and universe mechanics observed on the show. It’s great to have a book that finally explains things like the natural evolution cycle of wild Pokémon and other history/world based facts.

The book also features profiles on all of the Pokémon from each region, as well as personal profiles on all of the gym leaders and major characters. The artwork is really fun and I found reading this book incredibly nostalgic and enjoyable. If you love Pokémon or if you have someone in your life, this will make the perfect gift.

– E.B.

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