Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 7 – Japan Junkies

Since the 1980’s, American popular culture has begun a rampant consumption of all things Japanese: Anime, manga, Japanese role playing games, trading card games, etc. As a child raised on Japanese cultural exports, I know many other young adults have grown up with the same influences. This is a buyers guide for that otaku in your life!

This week’s holiday shopping guide: Japan Junkies

For the Anime Addict:

A subscription to CrunchyRoll (a legal streaming site for Anime/Manga) – Buy Here

For the Japanese Role-playing Game Nut:

Shin Megami Tensei IV for 3Ds Owners


Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita Owners

For the Voracious Manga Reader:

Shonen Jump Subscription (even available iOS and Andriod platforms) – Buy Here

The Hibachi Guru:

Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife set – Thinkgeek

The Old-School Samurai Wannabe:

 Masamune Iaito (Practice) Sword – Samurai International

The Tiny Otaku:

“Tenohira” Pikachu Interactive Toy – Buy Here

Happy Shopping!

– E.B.


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