Wednesday Cosplay – Doctor Who

This week’s featured cosplay is Matt Elliott‘s Eleventh Doctor!

I saw this picture on Tumblr and just naturally assumed it was Matt Smith, the actor who played the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who. When I realized this was a cosplayer, I knew I had to feature this guy! Elliott’s costumes are spot-on replicas to the Doctor’s and his physical resemblance is a little uncanny to say the least. When you look through his gallery, there are multiple instances where Elliott could most definitely pass for the real Matt Smith. It’s crazy.

Matt Elliott and his friend Lisa cosplay as Eleven and Amy Pond together – and it’s pretty dang adorable. The photography and posing for a lot of the cosplay shots look like direct takes from the show. He also gets major points for creativity and humor too, I love this Game of Thrones/Doctor Who mashup shot that he recently posted on his DeviantArt.

I would love to see Matt Elliott and Matt Smith in a picture together!

– E.B.


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