Webcomic Wednesday – Comic Chameleon

This week’s webcomic feature is a little different than usual. I wanted to take today’s slot to promote a great iOS app called Comic Chameleon (Droid users should look up Comic Rocket).

The app features a great lineup of webcomics, including some of my personal favorites xkcd and Girls with Slingshots.In my opinion, that app works pretty well for getting your daily webcomic fix, although trying to look through archives and backlogs can be awkward. No matter what, reading webcomics through this app is MUCH better than trying to read them on a browser app like Safari or Google Chrome. As the above video shows, it’s easy to check if your comic of choice has updated and scrolling through new comics can be a lot of fun too. 

This app is free and has the official support of the artists (unlike many other webcomic apps) – making it a must have for webcomic enthusiasts!


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