Man at Arms – Blacksmithing For Nerds

One of my most recent obsessions is the wonderfully awesome YouTube show Man at Arms presented by the AWE Me channel. Every other week, Tony Swatton, owner of the renown Sword and Stone smithy and props house. Swatton has crafting weapons for over 200 films, including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He uses all sorts of methods to craft weapons from a slew of genres and franchises, from high-speed belt grinders to pounding power hammers to hand forging.

My favorite part of every episode is the end – Swatton and his team take the newly crafting weapons and wreck some stuff in the parking lot. Watching these blades slice through dummies, glass and armor like butter is awesome.

Here are my top three videos from the series:

1. Sokka’s Meteor Sword – Avatar: The Last Airbender

2. Chrom’s Falchion Sword – Fire Emblem: Awakening

3. Orcish Battleaxe – Skyrim

Be sure to check it out!

– E.B.


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