Wednesday Webcomic – Little Guardians

This week’s featured webcomic is Little Guardians by Ed Cho & Lee Cherolis.

What’s the Deal?: Subira would have been the Guardian heir for her village, except she was born a girl. Girls cannot inherit the Guardian title, so the doctor switches Subira with the Item Shop owner’s newborn son Idem. None of the parents know, so the two children grow up living out each other’s destiny. However, new evils are brewing and they will challenge all of the ancient traditions. Perhaps Subira will come into her true destiny after all…

This webcomic is very funny – playing off numerous fantasy story tropes for great effect. Definitely one of the most delightful webcomics I’ve read in recent months.

The Characters:  The story is rife with hilarious bit-characters (Elk the Bard is a personal favorite) but both Idem and Subira make incredibly endearing protagonists.

The Art: The art consists of quality, stylized, black & white illustrations. This comic looks good and reads well on both browser and mobile platforms.

Safe for Work?: Yes

Frequency of Updates: Officially Monday, Wednesday and Friday – however the comic has been on an extended hiatus.

– E.B.


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