Extra Credits – Get Educated About Games

Extra Credits is an informative/educational web video series created by game designer James Portnow, animator/narrator Daniel Floyd, and artists Allison Theus, Elisa “LeeLee” Scaldaferri, and Scott DeWitt. Extra Credits has aired on several websites, but currently resides on YouTube and in partnership with PATV (Penny Arcade TV).

Extra Credits covers new topics weekly, focusing on issues in video games, within the gaming industry and the greater gaming culture.  The video topics vary,  including: level design, gamification, sexuality, gender discrimination, narrative creation, intellectual property creation, diversity issues, etc.

What I love about this series is the evenhanded and responsible critiques Portnow and his team articulate. Nothing feels like a diatribe and their observations are backed with both data and experience. They point out problems, show how the problems originated and suggest realistic solutions. This is not an average ranting YouTuber. I know I have learned a LOT already from the handful of videos I watched, but I highly recommend watching this channel, especially if you identify as a “gamer”.

Here’s one of my favorites: Bad Writing

– E.B.


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