Valentine’s Day the Nerd Way

It’s almost that time of year, when Hallmark makes a pants-load of cash, people get weepy-drunk in overcrowded bars and countless others binge eat ice cream while watching a so-so movie from Netflix.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a Valentine this February 14th, you have a totally different problem: what do I get him/her?!

NerdAtlas is here to help. Here’s a list of seven great ideas for your nerd valentine!

Idea #1: 8-Bit Hero Heart Bouquet from Think Geek

Idea #2: Chocolate Dice from Dice Candies

Idea #3: LEGO Valentine Bear from LEGO Shop (Online)

Idea #4: Companion Cube Plushie from Amazon

Idea #5: Paired Han & Leia Pillows from Saturday Morning Pancakes

Idea #6: Any Apparel from RedBubble’s Valentine’s Gift List

Idea #7: Designer Star Wars Watch from Think Geek


Best wishes to you, Valentine!

– E.B.


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