Wednesday Webcomic – 2D Glasses

This week’s webcomic is 2D Glasses by Bert and Toni Johnson.

What’s the Deal?: 2D Glasses is a humorous movie-spoof webcomic in a similar vein of comedic hits like previously featured Virtual Shackles.

The creators have a dark sense of humor, but they usually hit on a resonant nerve when they poke fun at various movie tropes and silly plot devices. If you like movies or even just a good laugh at the expense of pop culture, this is a webcomic for you.

The Characters:  For the most part, the comic avoids reoccurring characters due to the fact each comic is a spoof on a particular film or aspect of movie culture. However, the authors each of alter egos and several characters have “schticks” they perform throughout the series.

The Art: The art is average – it gets the job done and conveys the humor necessary to make the comic work.

Safe for Work?: Yes, some of the humor is more mature but the imagery is appropriate.

Frequency of Updates: Formerly updated three times a week, but nothing new has been posted since last November. The 2D Glasses Twitter is still active though, so there’s hope it will pick up sooner rather than later.

– E.B.


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