Wednesday Cosplay – Meagan Marie

This week’s featured cosplay is Meagan Marie‘s fantastic Wonder Woman cosplay.

Photo courtesy of Superhero Photography by Adam Jay

Meagan Marie is the professional Community and Communications Manager at Crystal Dynamics (of Tomb Raider reboot fame) but her cosplay is definitely professional quality. I have seen many a wonderful Wonder Woman cosplay, but Marie’s is one of the best.

Photo courtesy of SGH Photo

Each one of her ensembles is artfully constructed, with beautiful, well-crafted accessories. Her sword, shield, lasso and armor are of excellent quality – I’m particularly envious of the shield. The detail and the material quality in each of the clothing pieces are movie-grade. Also, the craftsmanship behind the photography only adds to the cosplay – the dynamic actions shots look like production stills.

Marie covers a number of canon Wonder Woman styles, from DC Universe Online to Infinite Crisis. She has other great cosplays, but I think her Women Woman collection is ace.

– E.B.


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