Comic Review: Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

This week’s review is my initial impression of Marvel’s new Loki: Agent of Asgard series.

Brief Synopsis: Loki was the God of Mischief who became the God of Evil. After the Avengers defeat his distorted God-form, Loki has been given a second chance. Now serving as Asgardia’s personal secret service agent, he’s ready to use his skills to serve the All-Mother. Get ready to watch Loki make his mischief and canoodle his way to success.

My Thoughts: This is a comic filled with blatant fan service. But you know what? That’s totally okay.

This series starts off with a bang. Loki is attractive, witty and now working for the forces of “good” – Tom Hiddleston fans love this Loki iteration. This is a great entry comic for those who are new to Marvel or the Avengers – as a relatively new Marvel reader myself, I throughly enjoyed this self-contained narrative. However, comic veterans will be sure to recognize the numerous references to alternate universes including “Civil War” canon and Fraction’s “Hawkeye.” I am sure there were others I did not recognize, but all of the allusions are well integrated into the story – nothing feels alienating or jarring.

The writer, Al Ewing, does an excellent job of engaging the reader in Loki’s headspace, and balancing Loki’s glib nature with genuine humor. With such a complex character, who has endured numerous iterations, Ewing has expertly selected which aspects of Loki’s identities to incorporate. This Loki is complicated but sassy – a great combination.

Artist Lee Garbett is new to me, but I love the way he imbues character and personality into his illustrations. The facial expressions and body language define every page – even his silhouettes are expressive! It’s gorgeous work and the style lends itself to the narrative well. The action moves fluidly from panel to panel, with the right amount of plot twists to shake up its twenty or so pages. Each moment feels delightfully unexpected, and fans of Thor should be wary to finish the comic before passing judgment on his portrayal ::winkwink::

The entire creative team brought their best work to produce a slick, heck, even sexy, comic. This Loki adventure has me excited for the future of the series. 

– E.B.


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