Wednesday Webcomic – Unsounded

This week’s featured webcomic is Unsounded by Ashley Cope.

What’s the Deal?: Truthfully, it would be more fair to call Unsounded a graphic novel then a webcomic (even Cope uses the term.) This epic fantasy adventure features Sette Frummagem, daughter of the Lord of Thieves. The story follows Sette as she lies, cheats, and steals to accomplish her missions. Accompanied by odd companions, including a reanimated corpse, this is a high adventure worth reading.

The Characters:  Sette is a delightful young heroine, and her journey is filled with (necessary) growth. However, I think her zombie/wright escort, Duane steals the show. Their relationship is a driving force behind the series (as far as I’ve read) and one of my favorite parts of Unsounded.

The Art: Excellent work, Cope illustrates and writes at a high level.

Safe for Work?: Yes.

Frequency of Updates: Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Between each finished chapter, there’s a month long break.

– E.B.


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