Loot Crate – Nerd Swag Delivered to Your Door

Loot Crate is a service that strives to capitalize on the popularity of surprise grab-bag giveaways and nerd swag on the Internet. Here’s how it works; Join Loot Crate for less than $20 a month, they find a bunch of products and brand partners to construct a “crate” based on a theme, it gets delivered to your doorstep! The retail worth of every box is over $40, so you are getting great nerd swag for a primo price.

August’s crate was based on the theme “CAKE!”

I joined last month for their “Warriors” themed crate – inside was a great t-shirt, digital comic redemption codes, a munny figure and other treats. It wasn’t as impressive to me as the amazing January crate I saw promoted from a previous month, but I was still pleased with the retail value and theme. I am definitely keeping my subscription.

The January Crate – “LAUNCH!”

There are two similar services to Loot Crate – Nerd Block and Booty Bin. One of the reasons I decided to try Loot Crate was due to the positive reviews and comparisons. Nerd Block apparently has great retail value, but no real content curation/theme. Booty Bin is a rip-off. I might also give Nerd Block a try next month, just for a comparative analysis but I have been REALLY pleased with my Loot Crate experience thus far.

Additionally, another big draw to Loot Crate is the fact that each month, they choose a “Mega Crate” winner from their subscription base. These crates include game consoles, exclusive collectibles and other high price memorabilia.

Mega Crate Swag – Expensive Valve game Collectibles!

I definitely recommend giving Loot Crate a try, the price and retail values are a great deal. Also, it’s fun when you get mail, so why not?

– E.B.


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