Wednesday Webcomic – Lost in the Vale

This week’s featured webcomic is Lost in the Vale by Julie Curtis and Alan Curtis, Jr.

What’s the Deal?: Lost in the Vale is a webcomic still in its first chapter, but the premise is intriguing enough that it caught my eye. A group of “Outrunners” (peacekeepers and servants of the common good) is working in the town of Scottsburg when they find a lost heirloom belonging to the royal prince who has been missing for eight years. As they start to follow the trail, who knows how deep this mystery truly goes?

The Characters:  Delicia, the female protagonist has a fierce and appealing personality, but so far I think the identical twin brothers Alex and Ander Salazaar would be anyone’s favorite character pairing. There is an excellent character narrative foundation in what has been published. While the characters might not be particularly original, they are well done.

The Art: I think the aesthetic is very interesting – Julie has a distinct style that reminds me of the work of Emma Rios.

Safe for Work?: Yes.

Frequency of Updates: They seem to be erratic, but large updates when they do happen. The most recent update was in early February.

– E.B.


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