Wednesday Cosplay – Lady Gambit

This week’s featured cosplay is Nadya Sonika’s female version of X-Men fan fave, Gambit.

Sonika is a popular and well known cosplayer, with countless characters from a whole litany of genres in her repertoire. She’s done a number of X-Men characters, but my personal favorite is her Lady Gambit ensemble. This feminine twist on my favorite Cajun card dealer is a great example of how people can gender-bend cosplay to great effect. Especially since the majority of nerd franchise women have ridiculously suggestive costumes, this can be a great solution for women looking for creative cosplays that don’t show ALL of their assets, so to speak.

One of the features of this cosplay is something I have yet to mention in any of these write-ups: Sonika uses vibrant colored contact inserts in this ensemble. This cosplay would still be well conceived, constructed and executed without that extra touch, but the red eyes really complete the Gambit look. After doing some research, I found that colored contacts are surprisingly cheap, so veterans and amateurs alike can consider this option. If anything, they could make shopping in the supermarket more interesting for kicks and giggles sake.

I think one of the more impressive aspects of the ensemble itself is the footwear. These boots are gorgeously designed, albeit impractical for combat purposes, ha. It takes a special kind of person to willingly walk around a convention all day in stiletto boots, so props to her. All in all, this Lady Gambit is ace.

– E.B.



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