Featured Art(ist) – Matthew Stewart

This week’s featured art(ist) is Matthew Stewart.

“Force of Will” – Promotional card, Magic: The Gathering

Stewart is a professional illustrator and artist whose work will seem familiar to many nerds. Magic: The Gathering fans will recognize Stewart’s work from a number of cards spanning various expansions. He’s worked for numerous publishers and game companies, including Tor Books, Duirwaigh Gallery and obviously, Wizards of the Coast.

“Menk the Bubble-Maker”

There’s a distinct flavor to Stewart’s work that lends itself well to the genre of fantasy artwork. He works primarily with oil paint, which is always encouraging to see in this increasingly digital art world. The use of the oil paints also gives the works a smoothness and blending of color that feels textured and dynamic.

“Dynacharge”- from the Return to Ravnica expansion set, Magic: The Gathering

Check out his personal gallery, here.

– E.B.


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