Supply and Demand

Relevant and convicting. Thank you 🙂

Gaming Grounds

I’ve talked before about supporting small businesses. You can go back a bit and read that blog entry if you’re interested. 


I’m kind of going to go a little further on that front, and talk about something a little more close to home.  

You might not know this, but we game store owners are not fabulously wealthy. We have families to support, mouths to feed, and the future to save up for, same as you. For those of us who choose to make this our livelihood, we’re equal parts insane and hopeful. Sure there are other game store owners out there who want to be an all encompassing game monopoly, or ones who are concerned with being THE BEST at whatever game they support, but for most of us, all we want is to go day to day. And we really love and care for our stores and…

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