Airship! Airship! AIRSHIP!

Yes, the above title is a modified reference to The LEGO Movie. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading right now, go find your closest $2 movie theater, and go SEE IT.

This is a post featuring a bunch of cool airship swag that promises to elate any steampunk nerd heart.

Imperial Chinese Airship Print

Jefferson Trader – $25.00

DaVinci Inspired Airship Model

Wands and Whatnots – $235.00

Greyfriar Inspired Airship Necklace

Klockwerk Kreations – $30.00

Airship Engineers Tool Bracer – with real tools!

Got Steam? – $200.00

Steampunk Airship Pin – (Check Store for a whole gallery of options)

Scarlet NRG’s Baubles – $14.99

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you might have caught on to my serious passion for LEGO. As a personal side note, I wanted to include a link to a great LEGO Cuusoo set (don’t know what Cuusoo is? Read this!) The set is a fantastic, imaginative steampunk style airship. Most of the LEGO mock-airships I’ve seen are just pirate ships with wings attached, I like this model because the design is original and well constructed.

Ssorg’s LEGO Airship Mock-up.

The frame for the “balloon”

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Until next time.

– E.B.



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