Journey Into Nyx Spoilers Analysis – The Gods

Here’s more input on the five god cards spoiled for the Journey into Nyx set from Magic and Musings- Enjoy!

Last time, I went over the big expectations from the new MTG set, Journey into Nyx. Well, another expectation of this new set is the five new gods. So let’s talk about those. We were a little underwhelmed by what Born of the Gods (Xenagod aside) had to offer and are hoping for more in this set and so far we are not disappointed.

The first one released was Iroas, God of Victory. Simply put, he’s an indestructible madcap skills for all of your creatures. For four mana. And is also a 7/4. Yeah, this guy could do work. Not to be overlooked is the damage prevention to your attacking creatures. Combat tricks? What combat tricks? Now, I’ve playtested with this guy and the four mana seems to be a bigger curve than you might think. Also, since Boros rush isn’t super relevant right now, this guy might not see a whole lot of play. However, he’s still pretty cool.

Next, we have Keranos, God of Storms. This is the star of the release, in my opinion. At worst, it’s a 6/5 indestructible beater for Izzet, something that this color combo has been sorely missing. At best, its burn AND card advantage. I mean really, UR has been needing this and I think we will be seeing Izzet burn make a reemergence after this release.

Kruphix, God of Horizons, was the third god released for this set. Now, with cards like courser and prophet of Kruphix, there have been high hopes for the Simic god. What we get is… well, it’s interesting. The god comes with no maximum hand size and no wasted mana. Now, this combined with prophet is pretty nasty, but the change to colorless mana is going to be a bigger wall than it might seem. Say, for example, you have a counter spell in hand (You’re blue. Of course you have a counter spell in hand). In order to cast it (needing two blue for Dissolve), you need to keep that mana untapped. You can’t pump it into Kruphix since you will lose the coloration for it, so the power just becomes a nice alternative if you don’t wind up needing to cast the counter. I dunno; EDH is gonna love this god, I am just having a hard time seeing it getting played much in standard (though, as with all things, I can definitely be proven wrong.)

Our fourth god is Athreos, God of Passage. Now, the fact it’s a three drop is pretty nice. That, and its ability is pretty sweet in standard play. For a three drop indestructible enchantment, you present a choice to your opponents; take damage or give you creatures. Either way you win. It really fits with the WB style of taxing your opponent. Now, Orzhov tokens probably won’t care much for this guy, since it doesn’t present a choice to the opponent (tokens being exiled when they hit the hand OR the graveyard). I’d play it if those were my colors.

The last god we have is Pharika, God of Affliction aka God of Disappointment. This was one of the most hyped gods. At least in my area, people were clamoring over the Golgari god and the sweet graveyard interaction it’s going to have. Well folks, here it is. It’s a worse scavenging ooze. Beyond the fact that it can give your opponents a deathtouch defender, it exiles the creatures from the graveyard to do it! This hurts you when you could scavenge the creatures in your own grave. It goes against a lot of the established BG graveyard interaction and it costs two fixed mana to do so. I might be proven wrong post rotation but for now, this is arguably the weakest god of the set.

So, we’ve seen the gods, the planeswalker and all the pretty in between. I’m excited for the pre-release. From what we’ve seen, this set is a definite step up from Born of the Gods and I can’t wait to
get my hands on some of these cards (I’ve already theorycrafted like, three decks). I hope you get to have as much fun as I know I will. Cheers!

TL:DR Buy moar packs.


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