Comic Review – Cyclops #1

This week’s review is of the new Marvel comic series, Cyclops.

Eisner Award winning writer Greg Rucka and artist Russell Dauterman, of Nightwing fame, take on an alternate story of the life of Scott Summers, otherwise known as X-Men’s Cyclops.

If someone had told me that Cyclops in space would be a great comic, I might have openly guffawed. The premise seems silly, almost farcical, but after reading the first issue, I changed my mind.

Rucka has brought a certain charm to this Scott Summers pseudo-origins story. Scott, having just joined the X-Men, gets sent to the future with a group of his classmates. In this future world, he sees a bleak outcome for his own personal life, but discovers his father is alive! And a space pirate! Scott decides to leave his friends, and join his father’s crew.

I know, even that summary seems ludicrous, but I swear, it’s a good comic. I’ve always thought Rucka had a knack for dialogue and I thought the overall writing was very strong in this first issue.

Plus, anything with space pirates deserves the benefit of a doubt. The motley crew of Scott’s father, Corsair, seems charming – I look forward to see further developments with this supporting cast.

Also, Russell Dauterman has a slick and sexy style that’s basically eye candy. I loved his work on Nightwing and he’s one of my top young artists to follow (plus, I met him at C2E2, lovely guy).

Definitely pick this up, I look forward to watching this series grow.

– E.B.


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