Podcast Review – Drive to Work

This week’s review covers Mark Rosewater’s popular Drive to Work (Magic: The Gathering) Podcast.

Mark Rosewater is the Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering – a role he’s filled after wearing many hats at Wizards of the Coast. His podcast, Drive to Work, is a short 30 minute (the time of his commute) discussion on a variety of themes in the Magic universe. Released weekly, Rosewater covers a number of topics based on his various areas of experience and expertise. He alternates between discussions of  the history and design of certain Magic blocks, like Theros, or more conceptual ideas about game design in general.

Rosewater is incredibly articulate about his passion for Magic and where he sees short comings and significant successes within the franchise development and execution. As a budding Magic player and fangirl, I have appreciated his take on game philosophy and play style explanations, as they have deepened my understanding of the game immensely. He also does an excellent job of explaining jargon, or as he calls it, Magic-ese. In many Magic podcasts, the speakers use language that is hardly recognizable to a new player. Rosewater’s clarity and explanations make the podcast accessible, but it he manages to keep it from feeling condescending.

Overall, I think the brevity, wit and sheer knowledge download provided in this podcast definitely warrants a listen. Be sure to check it out!

– E.B.


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