Derium’s CCGs – Game Shops Done Right

Derium’s CCGs is a local game shop (LGS) found in the tiny town of Cuyahaga Falls in north eastern Ohio. It’s easy to pass by the sign, so unless you’ve found it on Yelp or somebody takes you there, it’s hard to find.

This little shop is the most popular in the region for sure, with quality stock and some of the friendliest employees you’ll ever meet. What’s more, the patrons are pleasant too – a departure from the stereotype surrounding many card shops. Also, the shop does NOT smell like cigarettes, body odor, or mold – giving Derium’s the leg up amongst most of the game shop community. Derium’s is special, not just because of the great environment, but also because they know how to create a community.

They have an active YouTube channel, featuring a number of series and boasting more than 9,000 subscribers – a lot for such a small operation. If you have any interest in Magic: The Gathering or the comings and goings of nerd life in a card shop, you should definitely check out their YouTube channel (who knows, you might even see a special NerdAtlas appearance in some of the videos!)

Also, like most game shops, these guys sell a number of their stock online – so check out their inventory if you’re looking for any choice Pokemon, Magic or Yugi-Oh cards.

Dontcha wish your card shop was awesome like mine 😉


– E.B.


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