Review Thursday – Coup

This week’s review is of the board game Coup.

Coup, another one of the many games launched with the help of Kickstarter, has catapulted into popularity since it’s release in 2013. With a recent reprint in the past month, more gamers have access to this affordable, portable game of intrigue and deception.

The premise of the game is deception. Each player begins with two of the following secret identities; Captain, Assassin, Contessa, Ambassador, Duke, or in special editions, the Inquisitor. Each identity has a specific power that you may use in game, whether it’s collecting more money per turn or killing a target player. Human players go through the rounds of gameplay, using their identities’ powers to thwart others and gain an advantage. These identity cards also act as your life points. You can eliminate a secret identity by killing them with an assassin, revealing the player as an imposter or committing a coup and targeting a human opponent. Since your fellow gamers do not know which of the two identities you possess and there are certain card triggers that allow you to draw new identities, the game remains an ever changing battlefield of deceit.

Coup is a fast paced game, with enough tactical depth to keep it interesting for session after session. The rules are intuitive and straightforward. The playing techniques/tactics are easy to learn but certainly more challenging to master. It’s the perfect game for playing in between longer games or Magic: The Gathering rounds or even waiting in lines at Cons. Still, the game is so fun, it’s also possible to play this for an hour or two with friends.

This is a great indie game and for $10-15 bucks, you can have hours of fun. Totally worth it. I’ll be taking my copy with to GenCon!

– E.B.


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