Wednesday Cosplay – Favorite Blazblue Fighters

This week’s cosplay feature is a collection of amazing Blazblue: Calamity Trigger cosplays. These are a bit bias, since I’m featuring my favorite characters… but it’s my blog, so deal 😉

The above cosplay is of the cat fighter, Taokaka, legendary fighter of the Kaka clan… and cat person. First off, this is definitely one of the weirdest characters of the game. Second, the claw/paw weapons are no small undertaking, and I am very impressed with their execution. Costume designer AngelCostumes did a great job with this ensemble.

My favorite character, Jin Kisaragi, is a military leader gone rogue. Cosplayer Die-Chan did a fantastic job with the construction of this outfit. The cut and tailoring work on the cloak is spot on to the game design, with the other clothing elements showing similar signs of eye for detail.

Noel Vermillion, another fan favorite of the franchise, is the next featured cosplay. Rosabella, pulled together a spot-on Noel. Like the Jin cosplay, this outfit features some excellent craftsmanship and tailoring. Also, special shout out to Benny Lee for his killer photography. The last feature is this Ragna the Bloodedge set, constructed by Sarah aka Selenity.  Her wig is one of my favorites, given the complexity of depicting the spiky, gravity defying hair known as the Japanese character design norm. The straps and pulls for the jacket look great too.

– E.B.


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