Featured Art(ists) – Catherine and Sarah Satrun

This week’s featured art(ist) post is a double feature – the work of twin animators, Catherine and Sarah Satrun!

satrunc2e2Now, I have met both of the lovely Saturn artists. In my quest to find Wonder Woman art at C2E2 that wasn’t excessively sexual, I stumbled upon their booth. I love their styles and I ended up buying two prints (marked above) because I thought they were great pieces. One is now hanging in my office and the other is in my apartment – so that’s my personal endorsement 🙂

Since animation remains such a male dominated field, it’s awesome to see these two making an impression on the Chicago animation scene and the greater fandom world at large.

One of the things I appreciate about a lot of their work is the intentionally behind the diversity of representation. When a lot of fandom influenced art centers around mostly white, sexy bodies in tight clothes, it’s really awesome to see artists creating work that goes against that norm.

There’s a delightful sense of whimsy and fun to their work. I feel like I’m looking into a child’s imagination when I see many of their creations. Below I’ve included their animation reel – it is cool to see how their work translates to the small screen (and they’ve done stuff for MLP!)

– E.B.


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