Wonder Woman’s New Creative Team

It’s a new day for Wonder Woman at DC Comics. Long time writer/illustrator duo, Brian Azzrello and Cliff Chiang had recently announced they were wrapping up their three year run with the Amazon – but now we officially know who will take their place.

Artist David Finch and writer Meredith Finch will be taking over thee series. It will be sad to see Azzrello and Chiang go, especially after their incredibly successful run, but things are still looking good for the Amazon. As a diehard fan of Wonder Woman, it always makes me happy to see a female writer penning the script – Meredith Finch will join the ranks of the likes of Gail Simone as one of the few female authors who have written for this iconic heroine.

Meredith and David Finch

In her interview with USA Today, Meredith teased some of what we can expect from the new story line. She claims her Wonder Woman series will emphasize her relationship with her Amazons sisters and the Justice League. I love exploring the interpersonal relationships in comics, and Wonder Woman has a rich background of personal history to draw upon. As Wonder Woman’s pop culture status rises with her appearance in the Superman V. Batman: Dawn of Justice and her appearance in three major ongoing comic series (if you include Justice League), I hope the iconic female super hero can reach a whole new generation.

It will be interesting to see, however, how Meredith Finch will rise to the challenge of steering her first ongoing series writing gig. The announcement has some serious nay-sayers in the forums, which is expected given the popularity of Azzrello’s writing. I won’t judge the duo until I’ve seen some issues, but I hope this means only good things for my favorite super hero.

– E.B.




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