Dawn of a New Day – D&D 5e

Ladies and gentlemen, chaotic evil, lawful good and everything in between, things have officially changed on the role playing landscape.

Wizards of the Coast, owners of Dungeons and Dragons, officially released the rules for D&D 5e (formerly known as D&D Next) this past week. After the lukewarm reception of 4e into the tabletop RPG community, the hope is that 5e might restore the faith many gamers lost because the previous, more simplistic iteration. I saw some of the rules and combat scenarios play tested at last year’s GenCon and I had mixed feelings. As someone who had spent extensive time with 3.5e and then 4e, I was unsure that 5e was up to the challenge of fixing the issues noted in the fourth edition of the game.

The official “get started” dungeon kit won’t be available until later this month but Wizards of the Coast has made the new rule book available, for free, in PDF form. These are just the basic rules, but I am excited to give everything a try with my friend’s new Roll20 campaign. Expect a full review after I play through a few campaign sessions – obviously an 100 page PDF is not nearly enough to completely judge an edition, but it will certainly give a good impression of how the play mechanics function as a whole.

If you wan to get in on the action, check out the new rule set here: D&D 5e Rules

– E.B.


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