Wednesday Cosplay – Khal Drogo

This week’s featured cosplay is René Koiter‘s Khal Drogo from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.

While seeing a Khaleesi cosplay is a dime-a-dozen these days, her Dothraki husband is much less popular. Koiter has made quite the name for himself in the cosplaying community as the warrior nomad king, even acting as a featured cosplay guest at San Diego Comic-Con with internet famous Daenerys cosplayer Gigawatts.

I have to say, from the beard to the body paint, I would easily mistake these photos for frame stills from the show. I think a highly under appreciated aspect of seriously/professionally cosplaying is the idea of capturing a character’s presence. It’s like theater making, and if a cosplayer manages to pull it off (with the help of a talented photographer of course) they can really make some magic. Koiter definitely has this presence as Khal Drogo.

The facial scarring make-up work is awesome. Trust me, as someone who graduated with a degree in Theater, this stuff is so difficult to master. Likewise, the overall ensemble is grade A quality. The leather work is really impressive, and the metal belt is perfect. I just can’t get over how much Koiter looks like the real deal.

If you’re going to SDCC, be sure to look Koiter (and Gigawatts) up and snaps some pics with the Dothraki royalty 😉

– E.B.


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