Featured Art(ists) – The Remenar Twins

This week’s featured art(ists) post stars Valentina and Marina Remenar.

Valentina and Marina Remenar (similar to the previously mentioned Satruns) are twin sister artists based out of Slovenia. Both sisters have had their work featured in various places on the internet, including the Daily Devation shown above. When I do write ups on these sibling pairings, I just want to scream because there is SO much talent in a single family! Jeez.

These sisters are some of the most digitally present artists I’ve seen on the internet. They post work in progress videos and paintings/drawings/illustrations with great regularity. They also post work on Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt and yes, Google+. Much of the work is fantasy or sci-fantasy in theme, so that’s right up my nerd-tastic alley. Their costume and weapon design for characters has a fresh feel – imaginative but sophisticated.

The Remenars are currently working as artists for the indie action RPG, Amaranthine Story. The project is currently fundraising for development – check out their Facebook page and consider sponsoring them on Indiegogo.

Not only are their character illustrations gorgeous, but their scenic work is also stunning. It’s hard to believe these women are only 21 years old, given the magnificent texture work and fine detail. They have an extensive gallery of gorgeous manga and manga-inspired art as well. In addition, the Remenars have created some great tutorials for artists interested in digital painting, particularly in an anime/manga style. I highly encourage you to look through their portfolio and gallery – there’s such great work.

– E.B.


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