Wednesday Cosplay – Yuna

This week’s featured cosplay is Natasha Firsakova‘s Yuna cosplay from Final Fantasy X.

Natasha Firaskova is a Russian cosplayer with some serious chops. She’s done a multitude of Final Fantasy cosplays, touching on many iconic characters from the series. My personal favorite is her Yuna cosplay from Final Fantasy X. As my fellow gamer and JRPG bro, Ben, likes to say – Yuna is the Elizabeth Bennet of video games. She’s the classy love interest with a inner strength in a society that dictates what she should do and say. Likewise, her outfit is one of the least sexualized Japanese female character design in existence.

Major props to Firaskova’s photographer, Alina, for this sacred rite themed photo shoot, inspired by an in-game cutscene where Yuna performs a “sending” ritual. The rite is a slow, Tai Chi like exercise done along a beach shore – and this scene is a hallmark moment in gaming history. Alina’s photography work with the water is stunning and really sells the cosplay.

The overall quality in the construction of the Yuna outfit is commendable. There are many cheap looking, factory made Yuna outfits out there – but Firaskova clearly used high grade quality fabrics. The small accentuated details in her belt are spot on to the character model. Her summoner’s staff is also awesome – it looks like the real deal. It’s a great piece!

– E.B.


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