GenCon Review Spotlight – Tea Time

While attending GenCon, I chose to go to the Sci-Fi and Comedy film blocks, because I had friends presenting amateur films in each category.

There was a real range of film craft, from deeply powerful to utterly dreadful. However, my personal favorite film was a tongue and cheek steampunk comedic short, Tea Time by J. Derek Howard and his team.

Ironically, this film (shown in the sci-fi block) was more funny than the majority of films in the comedy block. The writing, acting and composition of the piece tell a humorous and smart story.

If you enjoyed this film, consider backing Howard’s latest project, NightSky. It’s about an all female mercenary group, inspired by ensemble sci-fiction like Firefly & Star Trek. I’ve included the Kickstarter video below, but feel free to check out their page here: NightSky

– E.B.


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