Review Thursday: Transistor’s Amazing Soundtrack

In May, Supergiant Games of Bastion fame released their new title, Transistor. The game featured a nuanced combat system, distinct art design and compelling narrative. However, I believe the best part of the game is the soundtrack.

Composed by Darren Korb, the soundtrack aptly encapsulates the melancholy, mysterious yet energized world of Cloudbank. The game relies on the brilliant compositions to develop atmospheric tension, to great effect. Emotionally charged scenes hold extra resonance due to the power of the music. Ashley Barrett, the solitary vocalist throughout the soundtrack (and the voice of protagonist Red) delivers a potent and stirring performance.

I’m not kidding when I say that the soundtrack gives me chills, whether or not I’m playing the game. Bastion had a great soundtrack, but frankly I think Transistor‘s soundtrack is better. It’s a natural progression of Korb and Barrett’s work from their Bastion experience.

If you want to buy the soundtrack, you can either go to Supergiant Games’ Bandcamp store page or purchase the album off of Steam.

The below video is the a sequence towards the beginning in the game, so you can watch it without major (still a few) spoilers. If you haven’t played the game yet, DO SO.

– E.B.


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