Fetchlands Revisited in Khans of Tarkir

In Magic: The Gathering, there are always cards termed “chase rares” – essential rare cards that any self-respecting Magic player wants to put in their deck. For years now, the Fetch land cards printed in the Onslaught and Zendikar blocks have been considered staples in the game and are priced as such. They allow you to pay one life and go looking through your deck for the appropriate land, making them invaluable for their provision of mana consistency. For example, Arid Mesa, a red/white Fetch land, is currently priced at $30 per card on TCGPlayer. A deck that uses a full play set of these (and who the heck wouldn’t) is already $120 for just four cards.

So you can imagine the collectors’ fury (yet Magic players’ rejoicing) at the news that Wizards is reprinting the Fetch lands in their new set. According to Mythic Spoiler, Khans of Tarkir will see a reprint of these choice land cards. Considering the set also appears to feature tri-color land in enemy wedge colors and Theros offered Mana Confluence, this next rotation of Magic promises to have lots of land silliness.

As far as the value depreciation of the Fetch lands, there continues to be a good deal of speculation. Obviously, the time where choice Fetch land cards could possibly command a $100 price tag (looking at you Scalding Tarn) is dead and gone. Likewise, it’s obvious that this is a tactical move to get Magic players back into the Standard format, or at least buying Standard block cards. Given the increasing popularity of older formats, which are less directly lucrative for Wizards of the Coast, it makes sense.

Overall, this announcement has increased my excitement for the new set. It looks like Khans will be a faster format than Theros, which makes my aggro-style loving heart very happy.

– E.B.


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