What’s More Important? Destiny or the iPhone 6?

So, if you haven’t been on the internet for the last 72 hours, you might have missed that Bungie Studio’s new game, Destiny, releases tomorrow. The studio responsible for the famous Halo franchise has a new massive, online role playing extravaganza lined up for the gamerverse. If my Facebook feed means anything, people are psyched.

People have been talking about this game all summer, thanks to a very successful Beta launch in July. This is the such a hot game title it might overshadow the annual installment of the Madden NFL franchise (which is kind of a big deal).

If you’re not plugged into the gamer/nerd world, then tomorrow might bring a different type of excitement for you. Apple’s long awaited iPhone 6 is officially announced tomorrow, much to the joy of devoted Apple fans. With competitors poking fun at the anticipation of the “phablet” version of the iPhone, tech geeks everywhere are speculating if this risk for Apple is really worth it. Below is Samsung’s brilliant and pointed ad poking fun at Apple:

So the question becomes, what’s going to matter more to the tech universe tomorrow? Destiny or iPhone 6? The short answer is that the world of business will care about the new iPhone more than Destiny, given Apple’s role in the market. However, in the mind share of the general public? That’s harder to determine.

“Latest iPhone” is trending on Forbes’ website, but #Destiny is all over Twitter and Facebook. Both are hot topics according to Google analytics and headlines with media outlets like Gamespot, TechCrunch, etc. Destiny is also officially confirmed to be the most pre-ordered new IP video game in history as of this morning. As a geek who loves both games and Apple products, tomorrow is like a very special pre-Christmas!



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