Wednesday Cosplay – The Cosplay Friendly Batgirl

This week’s featured cosplay article is a little different. I wanted to take a moment to talk about an interesting occurrence in the world where comic design and fandom meet. Several months ago, Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher were announced as the new creative team for DC Comic’s Batgirl.

Shortly thereafter, the new Batgirl redesign was released on the internet. You can take a look:

This redesign is reminds me of the imagining of Wonder Woman’s iconic look from a while back. As the comics industry expands it reach across pop culture, there has been a trend to make super heros’ costumes more relevant to a contemporary audience. The re-vamped Batgirl is in a leather jacket, with snap on gloves and yellow Doc Martens – all things you could conceivably buy at a mall.

This trend is GREAT news for cosplayers everywhere – gone are the days of having to sew spandex and go commando for the sake of the cosplay. As Nerd Minds Magazine so eloquently points out, this new Batgirl design is ideal for cosplayers:

Already, people have been seen in the new Batgirl duds – like the internet famous Batgirl of Burnside:

I doubt creative teams are going to design their caped crusaders’ costumes specifically with cosplay in mind… but the popularity of these “modern” takes will certainly provide more opportunity for all the wannabe heroes out there.

– E.B.


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